February 8, 2008

by: www.lasvegas.net

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!!!

VOX Audio is a truly unique show for Las Vegas that impressed me as much as the best shows I have ever seen here.

What struck me the most was that I was completely entertained throughout the entire show, laughing, awestruck at the incredible talent of the group, and sitting directly next to me was a 10 year old girl enjoying herself as much as me.

Vox Audio is a show that rivals any production in Las Vegas for having mass appeal, and the fact that it thrills guests of all ages certainly makes it a much-welcomed addition to the family of Las Vegas shows.

I attended the show with a close companion, which like me wasn’t sure what to expect from the performance. What we both couldn’t help noticing was how friendly and casual the interaction was between the Toxic Audio band members and the audience. The group involved several members of the audience in the show, and even performed a portion of the show while intermingled in the audience. Even from the balcony where I watched the show, I couldn’t help but feel as though I had become friends with the performers by the time finale and encore had arrived.

My experience at Vox Audio was pleasantly exciting, comfortably amazing, and humorously spectacular. Not only would I recommend the show to a family with kids, a couple going on a first date, an elderly husband and wife, young women on a “girls night out”, or a group of football buddies on “dudes night out”… but I wouldn’t hesitate seeing it at least two more times myself, maybe more.